Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute is a private technical and vocational education and training institution in Afghanistan that provides vocational education in Economics, Journalism, Computer Science, English Literature, Agreeculture & Civil Engineering. The institute educated 1110 students and is a self financed private institute. The institute is Accredited by the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan and is registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency and Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The institute is donating associate graduate degrees in above-mentioned fields.

The institute was established in 2014. The founder of the institute is Sayed Halim Hashimi, that is leading the institute's goals since 2014 and he tries to prepare the education facilities for Afghan people who they love to continue their education in associate programs of vocational education and training and to deduct the cost applying on their education.

Maerz Educational Organization is cooperating with the institute in academic affairs since 2014. The financial aids for students are also available and applies on all students. Maerz Educational Organization applies the financial aid programs on students and it is not related to the institute; it means that Afghan students who want to continue their education in this institute will be able to achieve the financial aid for their education that will help them just for education period and will be paid for the institute in a specific time and not to the students.

The Institute started its activities in 2014 by establishing departments of Computer Science and Economics; the department of journalism established in 2015 and the departments of English Literature, Agreeculture and Civil Engineering established in 2016. Departments of Economics, Journlism and Computer Science are active now to educate successful graduates of high schools and the departments of English Literature, Agreeculture and Civil Engineering will start working in 2018.

The institute is willing to offer standard education; in this case, the standard books, experienced instructors, necessary educational equipment and practical training is highly concentrated.Also the Center for Research and Publications is trying to research on necessary projects needed for our academic society by academic staff and encouraged and successful alumni to reach a brilliant future and endly to publish the research results to share the content with other members of academic society. Center for Health and Psychology is serving students and other members of the institute by taking a good part in their healthy life. Rifah Afghanistan Magazine is one the foncused publications that realizes the main aim of Research and Publication Center.

The institute is managed by four main units and many sub units. Rectorate, Director ate for Academics, Director ate for Finance and Administration, Directorate of Students' Affairs and Directorate of Culture and Relations are the main units of the institute. The sub units are consisting of Centers, Campus Administration Offices, Councils, consultants, coordinators and service staff.

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Email: info@acsmi.org
Website: www.acsmi.org

End of Qanuni Road,
11th District,
Kabul City,

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