Academic Council

Academic council is one of the important base of universities and higher education institutions in the world. Academic Council of Rifah Afghanistan is responsible to aprove rules, revise the curriculum, revise and edit the curriculum-based books, appreciate the instructors and approve the plan of academic improvements. It is also considered as the main decision maker about the agreements with other organizations. The Academic Council sessions hold every month normally or as needed by rector of the institute including all administrative staff, 3 intructors from every department and in related matters, 2-5 students deciding about other students.

The council is including all the active administrative staff of Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute and in related decisions will include 3 instructors introduced by the rectorate office.

The council decides on important matters of Financial and administrative affairs and is held normally every week. The main function of the administrative council is to approve and assign the budget for the departments.

Academic Council

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End of Qanuni Road,
11th District,
Kabul City,

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