Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute has 2 times of admission in a year and students are welcome to participate each semesters. the Rifah Afghanistan Institute proceeds two ways of admission in academic semesters; one is on-campus registration and the second one is distance registration. Students who live in Kabul Province are refering to Rifah Afghanistan Institute campuses to proceed their registration and students who do not live in Kabul Province can get the distance admission through our online registration office. The responsible of distance admission office the Office for Culture and Relations that manages this procedure.

All the applicants must provide these documents to the Directorate of Students' Affairs:
- Certiificate of 12th grade graduation
- National ID (Tajkira) of applicant and applicant's father
- Application Form
If an applicant can not come to the campus during the admission date can apply in distance application process:
- Send the Necessary Documents to the Email
- When the approval of your documents sent to your Email and you received a letter about the Rifah Afghanistan Institute Bank Account.
- Go the nearest bank branch and pay the mentioned amount to the Rifah Afghanistan Institute Bank account. The amount is written in the Letter of Rifah Afghanistan Institute Bank Account.
- When you pay the amount of students' fees to the bank. Send the copy of the Bank Receipt to the email
- When you send the Bank Receipt you receive the approval letter.
- The approval letter tells you when to come to Rifah Afghanistan Institute . Please be careful to come to the campus on the appointment time and carry all your documents with your self. Copies are not accepted on the day of appointment.
The Admission fees are mentioned in the admission letter that you receive after you send your documents to Rifah Afghanistan Institute .
The Admission Fees for on the On-Campus admission may vary in every departments. You can see the on-campus admission fees on this page.
The End Date to apply is mentioned in the academic calendar please visit it here.
The Directorate of Students Affairs is responsible to proceed the admission processes of the applicants.

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