Promotion of Rifah Afghanistan Institute

It's many concessions in Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute that makes it a standard institution in Afghanistan, and students try to join this institute for technical and vocation education and training .

Having been providing higher education in Afghanistan since 2014 with all programs accredited by the Afghan Ministry of Education. With the inauguration of the newly established Departments of Civil Engineering and Agreeculture, has 4 more department providing quility education for about 1110 student till now.

Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute is ranked 2nd best Technical and Vocational Education and training Institution in Afghanistan and tries to match the national and international standards for being national known, standard and professional instituion.

Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute is concentrating on Culture, Islamic Studies, Sports and more. Students of Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute benefit the cutural programs, wide conference saloon, many sport programs. Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute offers a colorful and high quality campus life enriched by numerous social and cultural activities.

Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute has a fully equipped Health Center. The health Center also offers Psychological services. The institution also has Research and Publication Center to help the instructors to publish their research chapters and guide students to new researches door. The institute also publishes a magazine called Academic Publication in this purpose.

Rifah Afghanistan Institue is willing inaugurate the Institutions new building in Kabul, fully equiped and fully standard and The institute is trying to open the Second Campus in Kabul Province another district.

You can download the Rifah Afghanistan Institute Brochure and Rifah Afghanistan Institute Cultural Brochure here

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End of Qanuni Road,
11th District,
Kabul City,

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