Sayed Halim Hashemi was burn in 1959 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is graduated from Kabul Military University in 1983. He worked from 1983 up to 2013 in Afghan Ministry of Defense; During this period he worked 14 years as an officer of Directorate of Education of this ministry and he retired in 2013. After retirement, he decided to use his educational experiments, he earned during his staff in Afghan Ministry of Defense. In 2014, he established Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute and became the founder and rector of this institutions and works till now. He planned to make the standard curriculum for the academic departments of the institute, revise the books according to the curriculum, improve the electronic management in the institute and inaugurate the permanent institute's headquarter.

Sayed Halim Hashimi Rector of Rifah Afghanistan Institute

Rector of Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute , Sayed Halim Hashimi

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End of Qanuni Road,
11th District,
Kabul City,

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