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Said Obaidullah Saihoon Hashemi was burn in 1995 in Parwan, Afghanistan. He started school in 2002 and earned high school diploma in 2012 after that he participated B.A Progrom of Information System Management and earned the bachelor's degree. Now he is studying in the Mastership Program of Business Administration in Turkey and follows the online Mastership degree in the UoPeople in M.A Computer Education. He studied German Language in Kabul University; learned French Language at Institute of France in Kabul and has TOEFL Certificate of English Language. He also can speak Spanish and Pashto Languages and has Turkish Language Tömer Certificate from Department of Turkish Language and Literature of Kabul University and the certificate of Turkish Language from Gazi Osman Pasa University of Tokat, Turkey.

He worked as Rifah Afghanistan Vocational Institute 's Director for Students' Affairs in 2014 and enganged as Director of Students' Affairs after 2015. He is also a member of Persian Department of FSI Internation Institute.

 Image of Director for Academics

Said Obaidullah Saihoon Hashemi (2016), Director for Students' Affairs

Contact Details

Email: info@acsmi.org
Website: www.acsmi.org

End of Qanuni Road,
11th District,
Kabul City,

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